Laying Laminate Flooring: Increase the Space

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June 2, 2017
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June 15, 2017

Laying Wood and Pergo Laminate Flooring: Increase the Space


Thanks to some design “tricks,” you can visually enlarge the space of the room and give it an unusual appearance. We are talking about an original way of laying the laminate, which is now a very popular flooring materials. The texture of the wood, which is cleverly imitated by top laminate companies in India of the floor covering has become a critical factor in its selection, also played its role and the relative availability of its value. Once you learn that there are original ways of laying laminate, allowing you to enlarge the living space visually, you will probably love the laminate even more.

How To Increase The Space: The Secrets of Laying Laminate

It is well known that putting the pergo laminate flooring along the walls of the room visually lengthens it slightly narrowing the styling of the same fabric across the room expands its space at the same time, shortening it. From what we can conclude that the laying laminate flooring slats diagonally premises may be, shall we say, in a neutral way the floor finish? In other words, laying laminate diagonally or narrows, or shortens the room, however, creates an interesting effect of increasing the area, also, laminate, laid diagonally in the room looks very unusual.

Rules For Diagonal Laying of Laminate

While entering the room, the floor of which is laid diagonally “catches” the attention on the corners. It should be noted that the diagonal styling, as it postpones the corners of the room from each other, creates the visual effect of increasing the space. A pergo laminate flooring can enhance the effect of extended space when light-coloured planks are paired with strong wood texture. These planks must necessarily be placed along the rails, as they can push the visual space with the help of alternating light and dark laminate slats.

When Advised By Diagonal Laying Laminate

Laying laminate diagonally looks especially effective in narrow rooms. For example, in hallways that are usually irregular regarding form geometries. Lamellae laminate, when installed in such space diagonally, completely change the perception of it, diverting view from too closely spaced walls.

How To Style The Floor To Expand The Space?

  • Floor installation method also affects the visual perception of the room. How to laminate stack to broaden the area?
  • If the material has a groove on the long side plates, it will help make the room more voluminous and “profound.” To lay a laminate in a small room is necessary that the grooves are located towards the window.
  • Visually expand the space, if you purchase a set of laminated plates of different lengths. The room will be more spacious.
  • After installing the floor, pay attention to the selection of accessories. Baseboards and sills in the colour of the laminate will help to expand the room visually.

The Most Advantageous Method of Laying For A Small Room – Diagonally.

If the room is small but elongated, and the window is located on a narrow wall, stacked perpendicular to the need to laminate the light source. If the room is too wide, then visually adjust its proportion can, mounting the laminate parallel to the window.

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