Businesses Prefer Stylish and Top-Quality Wooden Laminate Flooring
June 15, 2017
way to install wooden laminate flooring in homes
Way to install Wooden Laminate Flooring in Homes
June 20, 2017

Pergo Laminate Flooring For Bathrooms

Water and wood used to be a natural enmity from the outset, which is why a real wooden floor in the bathroom was conceivable, but always highly risky. The problem: The inevitable splash of water from the water taps brings the beautiful wood to spring and ultimately to tear, or it runs under the ground and offers the molds, a very cozy and hidden home.

A Laminate For The Bathroom

Real wood in the bathroom is new, the desired wood optics on the floor is already longer. The trick: instead of resorting to the spring-sensitive wood as a useful or carrier layer of the boards, a coated decorative paper is directly applied to a plastic profile, which is why the whole is called “aqua floor” and is considered a laminate.

The Pergo laminate flooring has a significant advantage over the prefabricated parquet: it can be floating and even laid on the old tiles. However, with this laminate-on-tile solution, you lose about 11 mm in height, because we add 3 mm for the impact sound insulation to the 8-mm material thickness. The laminate for the bathroom is available in five different designs.

Like laminate, the construction of “Aqua Floor” is multi-layered. The main difference is that instead of a carrier plate made of high-density fiberboard (HDF), we use a plastic carrier as a hollow profile. The useful, acrylic resin and decorative layers are bonded to the substrate.

Pergo laminate flooring and water are not compatible, they say. The natural materials, when used correctly, give even a particularly attractive combination. When thinking of a ship deck, a boat bridge or a summer terrace in the open, many people also want a natural background in the so-called barefoot areas at home. Wooden floors create a wellness area with style from the common bathroom.

The humidity in the bathroom corresponds most of the time to an average living room if we air it regularly. By showering or bathing, the air is much more humid in the short term, but this does not harm the soil. As a rule of thumb, parquet is permanently stable in the bath at a humidity of up to 70% and regular room temperature of 20 to 22° C.

Wet feet and temporary puddles, for example during bathing, are inevitable. But this is not a problem if the damp is immediately wiped and not long on the ground remains. Only for clean wet areas with standing moisture, as a shower floor, parquet is not suitable.

Parquet laying in the wet area is a matter for the laminate brands in India.

In the bathroom, wood floors should be best laid by qualified laminate brands in India. It is recommended to use full-surface bonding with the substrate advises the parquet expert. Then the edges are sealed with an elastic sealant. An oiled surface has the advantage in the bath that water does not come into direct contact with the wood. If the floor is very damp when wiped, the surface should be treated with oil again.

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