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June 16, 2017
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July 20, 2017

VFPL Designs offers a wide range of wooden laminate flooring to the clients coming for the commercial and housing purpose. The company has wooden laminates from the Best Laminate Brands in India available. Known well for the timely delivery and top-quality wooden laminate products VFPL Designs offers best solutions for the Laminate Flooring India.

Laminate floors give the same great look as the real wooden floor. The interesting fact about installing the laminate flooring is it does not require the use of adhesive, staples and nails. The wooden laminates come with the different colors and shades. They can be installed on the surface that is plywood, concrete, ceramic, vinyl or the OSB Subflooring.

For installing the laminate flooring you need basic tools such as the Jigsaw, Circular Saw, and Table Saw with the material such as laminate Flooring, moisture/vapor barrier, and underlayment, etc. The wooden laminate is a great alternative to the wooden flooring.

It does not attract the termites leading to major termite infestation. The ease of installing the wooden laminate is another factor that makes it a preferred choice. The wooden laminates nowadays are made with modern and latest technology that makes it durable and stylish.

The durability factor introduces the cost effective feature in using the wooden laminates. There are different international and domestic companies making the wooden laminates. These companies claim to offer the best product in the market at prices that fall within the customer’s budget.

However, very few of them manage to deliver the top quality and durable wooden laminates in the market.


Important Steps to follow before installing Wooden Laminates


Let the Wooden Laminate Board Acclimate:

It is important to open the package of the wooden laminate and place the same in the room. This allows the laminates to get acclimate before getting used. The acclimatization process has to happen at least 48 hours in advance giving room to the wooden laminates getting introduced to the room temperature. This helps in using the wooden laminates in a better way.

Clean the Floor:

It is important to clean the surface where the wooden laminates are going to get installed. Before installing the wooden laminates you must sweep the floor and make sure it is moisture free.

Lay a Moisture Barrier:

The moisture barrier is a plastic lining used on the floor. It is laid down before wooden laminates to make sure there is not moisture that is either present in the floor or later gets absorbed. The wooden laminates are made moisture proof even then the moisture proofing of the floor is necessary. A moisture resistant adhesive tape is used to seal the gaps while doing so the plastic may overlap but it is important to make sure the fittings are done by the experts.


Lay down the Padding:

Padding is an important element in the flooring of the wooden laminates. It helps in creating an equal level and balance of the floor avoiding any type of undetected and unexpected trouble caused by bad floor construction. Once the necessary steps have been followed carefully, the next step is to lay down the board carefully. Below mentioned are the steps that are important for laying down the wooden laminate boards.

Placement of the First Board:

Make sure that you place the board at the top left corner of the room at the finished side up. The wooden laminate must be ridge-side facing the wall.

Place Spacers:

You can either buy the spacers or make your own; overall you can wedge the spacers between and the end of the edge of the board, also the wall. You must buy a great quality spacer that is L-shaped and has the dimension of 3/16″ to 3/8″, in length it should be at least 1 foot long.

Repeat the Same Process for the Second Board:

Place the next board the same way, laying it down in an end-to-end manner. Place the next board, in the same manner, using the end-to-end board laying process occupying the next spot of the wall. For the best results, you need to make sure the entire first row is parallel to the longest wall in the room.

Leave Gap for Expansion:

It is imperative to leave the gap between the wall and the wooden laminates. Usually, it is recommended to leave the gap of the ¼ inch.

Cut the First Row:

Depending on the first row and the layout you may need to cut or rip the wooden laminate. It is done to make sure all planks are correctly placed in the first row in a lengthwise manner.

Install the Additional Rows:

Once you have successfully installed the first row. Make sure you do the same with the remaining rows and install the additional rows in a planned manner.

Installing the last Row:

Practice caution when installing the last row. You will need to slide the planks and leave the gap in the same manner as installing the first row.


Benefits of using Wooden Laminates


Many people prefer using the wooden laminate flooring due to the features such as durability, versatile and beautiful look, cost factor, and ease of cleaning, etc. Due to this, the wooden laminate flooring has gained popularity as a preferred flooring solution in the residences and businesses.

Below mentioned are the benefits of using the wooden laminates.


Convenient Packaging:

The natural hardwood flooring comes in large planks that are required to be sized and cut. This is a time-consuming effort and sometimes the wooden flooring comes in large sizes that make it difficult to store and manage. Thus, choosing wooden laminate that is merely 4 feet long and can easily be stored is a much better option. Also, the wooden laminate comes in different color shades and designs, it can be ordered in different sizes and shapes at an extra cost.

Price Factor:

Laminate flooring is cheaper when compared to the hardwood flooring. Also, it looks as authentic and elegant as the real hardwood flooring. Based on the budget you can choose from a wide range of the laminate flooring.


The laminate wooden flooring is made with precision, latest technology and in different colors and shades. Due to the effective and efficient printing process, the wooden laminates can give the look of natural hardwood, stones, and ceramic flooring materials.


The wooden laminates have the moisture resistance and water resistance to an extent. Therefore, to an extent, it can withstand the water application. The application of wet floor cleaning and vacuum cleaning protects the wooden laminate flooring from getting damaged. Also, high-quality wooden laminates have the resistance against the stains and spots. Cleaning the wooden laminates is relatively easy.


The wooden laminates come with the interlocking feature that makes it easy to install on the clean moisture proof surface. The latest range of wooden laminates is made with the latest technology that makes it independent from the use of nails, adhesive and other such materials. All you need to do is to roll down the moisture proof material and install the wooden laminate planks over the same.


Except for the use of the carpet the laminate flooring can be used almost on all other existing flooring need. The moisture prevention barriers must be used to ensure there is no possibility of any type of infection or damage caused by the moisture.

Health Factor:

The wooden laminate flooring is made in such a manner that it is resistant to the growth bacteria and mold. The wooden laminates have the specialized coatings that are allergen resistant and anti-bacterial. This avoids the damage caused by the pollutants and germs to the family members.

Room for Expansion:

The wooden laminates have the room for expansion to multiple floors giving real wood finishing. The interlocking system allows the wooden laminates to get laid according to the space needed for residents or the office employees. The wooden laminates can be resized and cut into different sizes as per the flooring need.

Businesses and Homes owners looking for expert solutions must contact the VFPL Designs for flooring solutions. The high service quality and top grade material provided for wooden laminate flooring solutions have made the company popular. Today VFPL designs are synonymous with the best and high-class Wooden Flooring Delhi.


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