Wooden Laminate Flooring : What You Need To Know?

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May 13, 2017
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Wooden Laminate Flooring : What You Need To Know?

This chameleon material requires no maintenance. On the ground, it imitates wood to be mistaken. In kitchen worktop, it also takes on the appearance of concrete or slate. Amazing! The laminate consists of a resin impregnated decorative sheet bonded to a wood fiber board. Used in flooring, it looks like a real floor; there are also slabs imitating natural stone, metal or cement tiles. The laminate is a wood-based floor covering that is easy to install and maintain. It offers a choice of decorations almost unlimited. The latest technical innovations make imitations of parquet, metal or stone more and more faithful.

Truer than nature

The wood laminate flooring is in the form of clips. Its texture in relief gives it a very realistic look and feel with knots, ribs, light sawing, etc. It comes in a dozen natural colors, gray or bleached. Advantages? The floating installation is very easy to carry out, the absence of maintenance (no need to oil or varnish the floor) and the affordability.

Even in the bathroom

Very durable, the laminate flooring remains, however, less durable than the parquet. Some blades are guaranteed for up to 25 years while the wood lasts several decades. To reduce pitch noise, provide an insulating underlay or, better, opt for a laminate with built-in underlayment. This type of floor can be installed anywhere, including in the kitchen (avoid low-end laminates, which are more sensitive to water). For the bathroom, there are blades designed to withstand moisture.

Effects of matter

The laminate also comes in the form of thin wall panels, to be used in the bathroom. This material is also preferred for working or high traffic hosting surfaces because it is economical and maintenance free. It is not afraid of water, stains or scratches. Available in several colors, it also plays the material effects: granite, bronze, concrete, oxidized steel, etc. Bluffing, especially when the surface is slightly structured.

Good to know:

The laminate wood flooring offers a stable and durable floor. The best qualities come with a long life guarantee of 20 to 30 years or even a lifetime warranty.

There are laminates with integrated acoustic underlay (up to 3 mm thick). These sub-layers reduce the noise of the steps on the coating. Depending on these characteristics, the underlay reduces the noise of the pitch in the room, or in the room below (ideal for apartments).

Destination of the laminate floor

There are laminate wood flooring for each type of room. A floor covering should be chosen based on the room in which it is to be installed and its use.The different information allows the consumer to select the type of laminate suitable for the room in which it will be fitted.

The strength of the wear layer determines the use of the coating. According to the classification, it must resist various agents of degradation: compression, punching, stains, scratches, abrasives, chemicals, cigarette burns. Depending on these characteristics the laminate wood flooring are classified in a standard justifying the resistance to the passage:

  • Occasional: Adult room, unfrequented room, without access to the outside, thus areas of weak passage
  • Common: Living room or entrance hall of apartment without access to the outside therefore of areas of average passage
  • Intensive: Children’s rooms, rooms and stays with access to the outside so areas of intense passage

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