Choose Laminated Parquet Based on the Type of Environment and Use

Laminate for domestic or commercial use? The first significant distinction to make is if we need a parquet for a domestic environment or a commercial environment. The characteristics may coincide but tend to be shops, restaurants, bars, gyms with changing rooms, hairdressers or beauty centers tend to choose laminated floors with greater resistance characteristics. Laminate Parquet for commercial use Laminate

Beauty and Durability in Laminated Wood Floors

Today’s laminate floors are created by a photographic image of wood, marble or tile that is attached to the fiber, with plastic backing coated with melamine and with aluminum oxide. Aluminum oxide is considered the second hardest mineral after diamond. This process allows the surface of the laminate to be almost indestructible, resistant to stains and resistant to discoloration. Due

Laminate in Natural Stone Optics – Modern Aesthetics

Hardly any flooring is visual as variable as the laminate. High-quality wood decor from beech to oak to fine cherry is particularly popular. Laminate in tile optics proves to be an easy-to-install counterpart to the real tile. The latest trend: laminate in natural stone optics – natural, aesthetic and cost-effective. High-quality laminate in natural stone optics sets very special accents

Wear Resistance and Strength of Laminate Flooring

Laminate is a multi-layer HDF board with a high density, which is top coated (for protection) with a unique resin film, that is, laminated. The laminated panels have high-performance characteristics – they are shockproof, resistant to mechanical influences, pressure, long loads and have enviable fracture toughness. Structure of the laminate The laminate flooring consists of several layers, which are connected

Wooden Flooring: Ideal for Gym and Sports Facilities

The implementation of parquet flooring in sports halls, dance halls, party halls, various activity rooms has always been a specialty of the parquet flooring companies in India. Specific techniques solve problems related to flexibility, slenderness, and rebound, problems that are difficult to solve with another type of coating. For multi-activity rooms, museums, etc. which have constraints of intensive passages and